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26/05/2017 Order Status

Pending Payment

Pending payment / payment confirmation.


Payment received, orders will be purchased within 24 hours.


Product has been purchased, waiting for merchant to provide their tracking number.

Towards Warehouse (China)

Product has been sent out by the merchant, waiting for arrival.

Pending for Inspection

Purchase has arrived at warehouse (China), our team will be proceeding with inspection.

Complete Inspection

Our team has completed inspecting your purchase.

Warehouse Entry

Some of your items have arrived our warehouse (China).

Repacking in Progress

All your items have arrived, and our team is repacking your parcel.

Loading in Progress

Waiting for the parcel to be loaded onto the shipment.

Pending Shipping

Arranging your parcel for the earliest shipment.

Sending to Myanmar

Parcel is on its way to Myanmar.

Arrived SGshop

Parcel has arrived at the SGshop warehouse (Myanmar), while waiting for delivery arrangements to be made.

Submitted Delivery

You’ve submitted your collection/delivery choice.


Parcel delivered successfully.


Information of item unclear. We are unable to proceed to the next step.

Order on hold

When one of your items from the same purchase has encountered a problematic order, it will stay on hold.


Processing return/refund with merchant for your defective product.


Product is out of stock, credits are already in your account.