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09/07/2018 Why SGshop

International Shopping Is Easy

Shop from China with thousands of merchants, better prices and the best shipping rates. SGshop will ship your purchases right to your doorstep!

Payment in Myanmar Kyats

Payment in Myanmar Kyats are accepted through MPU, 123service, Payhere, ATM transfer and Internet-Banking/Mobile-Banking

Cheapest International Shipping Fees

Affordability is our pride. Our international shipping fees are the cheapest in town compared to all other international forwarders.

Cost Savings for Multiple Purchases

We help you to repack and consolidate your parcels so you save more on international shipping.

Free Inspection Services

We will inspect your goods to ensure they are of the correct colour, design and quantity you picked as well as look out for obvious visual defects before shipping.

Timely Updates

Choose to ship from a range of delivery options for your orders and keep track of what matters. We provide timely updates until your parcel reaches your doorstep.

Speed Guarantee

Guaranteed shipping speeds for international shipments. Delays will be compensated.

Guaranteed Compensation for Lost/Damaged Items

Guaranteed compensation for your purchases that may be lost or damaged during international shipping.

Customer Success

Communicate seamlessly with overseas merchants through our dedicated Customer Success team.